The passion for photography has accompanied me since I was a child, which also brought me to the decision to complete training as a photo specialist. I successfully completed this after three years (2009), and the following year I also carried out interesting and exciting training to become a portrait photographer.

Alongside work, I started business school, which opened up the path to the purchasing department for me, and whereby I was also able to gain a great deal of experience beyond the boundaries of photography.

After two years in the office, and getting to know all the areas of a commercial enterprise, I decided to focus on my dream job, which is more in harmony with photography than any other. There followed further training to become a make up artist at the Beauty&Style Academy in Zurich. Here, I competently obtained the important principles and the necessary knowledge for an independent career along the way.

Hereby, highlighting and emphasising beauty is at the forefront, but also hiding and concealing blemishes is fascinating. Designing the individual expression of each person through make up and photography, according to their personal wishes and the appropriate occasion, has top priority here.

My aim is to transfer this fascination with individualism using my knowledge of photography and that of the art of make up.

Have I awakened your interest? - I look forward to hearing from you!